Dolphins vs. Bills – Welcome back to the NFL Chan Gailey.

OK, I’m not saying the Bills would’ve won the game.  Not at all.  But with 1:33 left and facing 4th and 10 inside his own 10 yard line,  first year Bills coach Chan Gailey 1) elected to take a safety which means the Bills would need a touchdown instead of a field goal 2) kicked the ball to the Dolphins (I thought he would try an onside kick which I thought would’ve been dumb vs. going for it) and 3) expected that when he got the ball back with just under :30 left (based on having only 2 timeouts left and the Dolphins running on all three plays) at his own 20 that he could then go 80 yards with no timeouts to get a touchdown.  Now that is utterly stupid.  I expect many more great decisions like that from Chain Gailey this year.

Oh by the way, the safety moved the game from a push (Dolphins -3) to a Dolphins cover.