Week #15 – Loser(s) of the Week.

Wow.  This is a tough week.  We have three really good candidates.  First, we have Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin, who made two mistakes.  One, not having his “hands” team on the field for the onside kick and two, for not having his punter punt out of bounds on the last play of the game.  Then, we have Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid who tried to give the game to the Giants twice.  First at the end of the first half for not running out the clock with :22 left and instead his team committed a turnover and the Giants scored a TD.  And second, for not challenging a fumble in the second half that would’ve given the ball back to the Eagles and instead the Giants scored a TD on the ensuing drive.  And finally, we have Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy.  He has made this blog multiple times this year and I have to put him in the top three worst clock management coaches in the NFL.  He completely butchered the “four-minute drill” and ended up costing his team a chance at victory.

I’m going to have to go co-losers of the week.  Tom Coughlin and Mike McCarthy.  Andy Reid only escapes because he won.  But the other two made bad decisions that have huge impact.  The Giants potentially lost a number two seed and may not make the playoffs while the Packers now have to win out to make the playoffs.

Week #3 – Loser of the week

I think this one has to go to Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy.  He botched the classic let them score situation so we might have a chance to win the game vs. the Bears.  There’s nothing worse than standing around and letting a team win.

A close second is Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll for botching the end of the first half against the Chargers.  That almost cost Seattle the game.  Let’s keep a close eye on Pete.

Week #2 – Loser of the Week

Unfortunately, as hard as it is to pick them, I have to go with Mike Singletary and the 49ers because their clock management cost them a game (or at least a chance to win).  Unfortunately, being too efficient is a clock management sin.  Sorry 49ers.

I really wanted to give it to Gary Kubiak and the Texans for his unbelievable scared call on 4th and 4 from the Redskins 35 in OT.  He gained a whopping 15 yards on the punt.  If only the Redskins had made the field goal in OT, Kubiak would’ve been the landslide loser of the week.