Minnesota vs. Middle Tenn. State – Did it right but they still scored.

I didn’t watch this game but looking through the box score, at first glance one might think Minnesota might have made some clock mistakes at the end of the first half but actually twice they made smart clock decisions .  MTSU had just scored a touchdown to cut the Golden Gophers lead to 14-7 with 4:48 left.  Minnesota had a great kickoff return and had the ball at the MTSU 38 to start their drive.  Two times on the drive Minnesota called timout, the second one with 1:25 left.  However, both times they called timout they let the play clock run all the way down before calling the timeout.  Very smart because they were trying to leave as little time left for MTSU.  Unfortunately, after Minnesota missed a field goal. MTSU went 77 yards in :44 to tie the game.  Still, well done Coach Brewer.

Pitt vs Utah – First night winner…or should I say loser…

is Dave Wannstedt!  Actually, I thought he did the right thing at the end of the first half by running out the last 1:24 with the ball deep in his own territory.  But their last drive of the game in regulation when they kicked the tying field goal could have been managed a little better.  They started at midfield with 2:39 left.  Between 2:31 and 1:31, they only snapped the ball for two plays.  I know they ran the ball on 3rd down since it was 3rd and 1 which was fine and it did stop the clock to move the chains.  But on second down they could’ve used a timeout.  This isn’t a major error because they eventually had :40 and 1st and 10 on the Utah 14 which was a reasonable amount of time left.  I’m not sure I would’ve run the ball on 3rd down and played for the field goal.  Go for the win.  That’s partly why Dave Wannstedt is our winner of the night.

The Miracle at the Meadowlands. – WTF Coach?!

Yeah, the banner photo is from “the miracle at the meadowlands”.  On November 19, 1978, the New York Giants were on the brink of victory against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles were out of timeouts in the final minute, and Giants quarterback Joe Pisarcik needed only to kneel down after the snap to clinch the victory. Instead, the Giants’ coaches called for a handoff to running back Larry Csonka. The Giants players, unhappy with the decision, failed to get properly prepared prior to the snap, and a shaky exchange between center and quarterback led to a botched handoff. The ball bounced free and was scooped up by Philadelphia’s Herman Edwards, who sprinted into the end zone for the winning score.  This is a classic “WTF COACH?!” moment.