Lions vs. Titans – Part 2: Miscommunication? Go for it. Strange play call version 5.

The new overtime rule is outstanding.  If the team that has the ball first scores a touchdown, game over.  If they score a field goal, the other team gets the ball with a chance to either keep the game alive by getting a field goal or winning the game outright with a touchdown.  However, if they do kick a field goal, the game becomes sudden death so the next score wins the game (if nobody scores within the 15 minute overtime period in the regular season the game ends in a tie).

The Titans got the ball first and scored a field goal.  The Lions then marched down the field where they faced a 4th and 1 from the Titans 7 yard line.  Kick a field goal and you give the ball back to the Titans who have moved the ball well and give them a chance to win the game.  Go for it and keep the drive alive
with a chance to win the game.  Apparently, Lions Head Coach Jim Schwartz wanted to try and draw the
Titans offside.  But the plan was not communicated properly and the Lions ran a broken play with a QB sneak that was stuffed.  Game over.  There should have been no miscommunication.  GO FOR IT!