Bills vs. Browns – Strange play call.

Here’s one that I don’t get.  Just before the end of the first half, Cleveland uses its last two timeouts while the Bills have the ball in order to have some time left on the clock when the Bills punt.  The Browns get the ball on their own 34 yard line with :58 left in the half and again having no timeouts.  So what do they do on first down?  They run the ball.  Given the way Brandon Weeden is playing, maybe that is not a bad thing to do.  But why are you using your timeouts to get the ball back only to start the drive by using a clock eating running  play?  If you were using your last timeouts to get the ball back and to try and get a score, then be smart about the play call.  Unless the run gets you more than 10 to 15 yards, or gets out-of-bounds, it is a bad call in that situation.