Ravens vs. Eagles – Pay attention to the play clock.

Since the Eagles ended up winning this game, this is something that will go unnoticed by most people.  But it is certainly worth drawing attention to.  The Eagles were trailing the Ravens 14-7 and the Ravens had the ball 3rd and 7 at their own 39 with 1:22 left in the half.  A two yard pass brought up 4th down so the Eagles used a timeout with 1:16.  The Ravens punt was a good one and it left the Eagles with 1st and 10 at their 6 yard line with 1:05 remaining.  The Eagles decided they weren’t going to try to score against a tough Ravens defense with that field position so they opted to run the ball on first down.  They also chose to run the ball on second down but they made a big mistake.  They didn’t let the 40 second play clock run down to the very end.   The first down play was snapped at 1:01 so figure the play clock started at :56.  If they had let it run down properly, they would’ve snapped the 2nd down play at :16 or :17 left.  Instead they snapped it at :31.  And the Ravens called timeout.  The Eagles ran again on 3rd down and again the Ravens called timeout.  The Ravens then got the ball back with :09 at the Eagles 38 yard line and were able to convert a 56 yard FG.  If they had run down the play clock, the FG would’ve never happened.