Navy vs. Maryland – Bungled opportunities.

Wow, what a game.  Navy dominated this game and yet made so many mistakes include a key clock management mistake.

At the end of the first half, Navy had a 1st down at the Maryland 11 with :50 left and one timeout.  They ran on first down, didn’t call timeout, took a lot of time to get the next play off, did so with :26 left, ran the ball again, let at least 6 seconds run off the clock after the play was over before calling timeout with :12 left.  Then on 3rd down, the QB instead of throwing it away to kick a field goal scrambled and was stopped short of the goal line and the clock expired.  Navy lost by 3.  That was a huge missed opportunity for a field goal.

Maryland made a mistake at end of the game in not calling timeout sooner to give themselves more time if Navy scored the go ahead touchdown but they didn’t score so it didn’t matter.

Also, I thought Navy’s play call on 4th and goal was terrible.  The quick option pitch to the right side has been killing Maryland all game.  I can’t believe they didn’t call it again.