Boise State vs. Virginia Tech – Classic or typical clock management situation.

I’m watching this game live and there is a classic clock management situation.  Should VA Tech have passed on 3rd down with 2:06 left in the game and Boise State out of timeouts?  A run (quarterback draw) would have kept the clock moving and Boise State would’ve got the ball back with about 1:10 left instead of about 1:50.  The other team has no timeouts, a first down will ice the game but do you just run the ball or throw a short yardage high percentage pass to keep the clock running on third and long?  However, the way Boise State drove down the field, they probably would’ve scored even getting the ball back with only 1:10 left.

Now, has Boise State scored too quickly?  There is 1:09 left with the kickoff to come and VA Tech has two timeouts.