Saturday Summary

Well, there really isn’t much to write about from Saturday’s action.  Too many blowout games.

Let’s put an advisory watch though on Kansas Head Coach Turner Gill.  At the end of the first half, not the best executed two minute drill and in the second half, all three time outs were used up with over 8 minutes left in the game.  The Jayhawks could’ve used them at the end of the game.

Sometime it’s hard to determine clock management issues from the play by play reporting because it isn’t 100% accurate.  Trying to figure out how much time was left on the play clock when a play started is a guessing game.  That’s why some of the better examples will come from watching a game live.  In the University of Washington at BYU game, I was watching the last few minutes and I thought we were going to have a classic clock management situation which doesn’t appear as clearly in the play by play.  The Huskies were trailing by 6 with around two minutes left.  Jake Locker had been sacked on 3rd down bringing up 4th and 7.  The clock was moving.  The Huskies called timeout with 1:58 left.  No problem with the timeout but there were 30 seconds left on the play clock.  At least let the clock run down and then call timeout.  1:28 would’ve been plenty of time left to score a touchdown assuming they got the first down.  The goal also should’ve been to leave as little time for BYU when they got the ball back because they only would’ve needed a field goal to win.  And BYU had all three timeouts remaining.  It became a moot point when Washington didn’t get the first down but it could’ve been one of those WTF moments.  I was so hoping for Washington to get the first down and then score the touchdown!

I did notice a few other things throughout the day but when the team already has a big lead, it doesn’t really matter at this point.  Kansas State had a similar error to Washington, calling timeout with too much time on the play clock left in the last few minutes of that game but in the end, they still won.  I’m looking forward to NFL games next weekend where generally the games are a lot closer and there are always clock management issues.