Minnesota vs. Middle Tenn. State – Did it right but they still scored.

I didn’t watch this game but looking through the box score, at first glance one might think Minnesota might have made some clock mistakes at the end of the first half but actually twice they made smart clock decisions .  MTSU had just scored a touchdown to cut the Golden Gophers lead to 14-7 with 4:48 left.  Minnesota had a great kickoff return and had the ball at the MTSU 38 to start their drive.  Two times on the drive Minnesota called timout, the second one with 1:25 left.  However, both times they called timout they let the play clock run all the way down before calling the timeout.  Very smart because they were trying to leave as little time left for MTSU.  Unfortunately, after Minnesota missed a field goal. MTSU went 77 yards in :44 to tie the game.  Still, well done Coach Brewer.